Zweig Building (NRIS 00000018)

Address: 3396 Belmont St., Bellaire, OH. County/parish: Belmont.

1 contributing building.

Added to the National Register of Historic Places January 28, 2000.

From Wikipedia:

Zweig Building
The Zweig Building is a historic commercial building in downtown Bellaire, Ohio, United States. Constructed in 1912, it is an early example of the Chicago school. Constructed of brick, the building sits on a stone foundation and is covered with an asphalt roof. Four stories tall, the facade is four bays wide and the side eight bays wide, with two windows in each bay on each floor. Prominent pilasters separating the bays, in which are placed glass display windows on the first floor, both front and side. To the rear, part of the basement is exposed, due to sloping ground. The Windsor Hotel, established to serve travellers on the Pennsylvania Railroad, was formerly located behind the Zweig. During the early twentieth century, the building was used by small businesses, such as dentists and jewellers. (read more...)

Architectural styles:

  • Early Commercial