Coleman Bridge (NRIS 00000112)

Address: Windsor Bush Rd. over Phelps Brook, Windosor, MA. County/parish: Berkshire.

Added to the National Register of Historic Places February 18, 2000.

From Wikipedia:

Coleman Bridge (Windsor, Massachusetts)
Coleman Bridge is a historic Ball-patent pipe pony truss bridge in Windsor, Massachusetts. It is the only known surviving in situ bridge of its type in Massachusetts. It is located on an abandoned stretch of Windsor Bush Road which crosses Phelps Brook in what is now a remote upland section of Windsor. The bridge was located near farms owned by the Coleman family, giving the bridge its name. The bridge type was invented by Charles H. Ball, an entrepreneur from nearby Peru who developed the idea of using pipes as structural elements of bridges over smaller bodies of water. Only three instances are known to exist, two of which were (as of 2000) disassembled and in storage. (read more...)


  • Ball, Charles H.