Gleissner, John D. and Katherine, Lustron House (NRIS 00000133)

Address: 2420 Chahaba Rd., Birmingham, AL. County/parish: Jefferson.

1 contributing building.

Added to the National Register of Historic Places February 24, 2000.

Part of Lustron Houses in Alabama, MPS (NRIS 64500008).

From Wikipedia:

John D. and Katherine Gleissner Lustron House
The John D. and Katherine Gleissner Lustron House is a historic enameled steel prefabricated house in Birmingham, Alabama. Designed and constructed by the Lustron Corporation, this example is one of three confirmed to have been built in Birmingham. Another, the Bernice L. Wright Lustron House, is just one house over from the Gleissner Lustron House. (read more...)


  • Koch, Carl and Assocites
  • Lustron Corporation

Architectural styles:

  • Other