Horace Mann School Historic District

Address: City Hall Circle, Norfolk, Arkansas. County/parish: Baxter.

NRIS 06001311

4 contributing buildings.

Added to the National Register of Historic Places January 29, 2007.

Part of New Deal Recovery Efforts in Arkansas MPS (NRIS 64500959).

Also known as:

  • B 0051
  • B 0145
  • B0146
  • BA0144
  • Norfork Public School

From Wikipedia:

Horace Mann School Historic District

The Horace Mann School Historic District of Norfork, Arkansas encompasses a complex of four Depression-era school buildings near the center of the community. It includes a main school building, built with Works Progress Administration (WPA) funding in 1936, a home economics building and a vocational educational building, both built in 1937 by the National Youth Administration, and the auditorium/gymnasium, built in 1940 with WPA funds. All are single-story Craftsman-style buildings, although the gymnasium presents more stories because of a partially exposed basement. The complex was used as a school until the mid-1980s, and is now owned by the city, which uses the buildings for a variety of purposes. It is a well-preserved and remarkably complete Depression-era school complex.

The complex was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2007.

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  • Mabrey, Otis
  • Monigle, O. O. and O. L. Jacobs

Architectural styles:

  • Bungalow/Craftsman

National Park Service documentation: https://npgallery.nps.gov/AssetDetail/NRIS/06001311