de 'ek wadapush (Cave Rock)

Address: Address Restricted, Lincoln Park, Nevada. County/parish: Douglas.

NRIS 100000610

Added to the National Register of Historic Places January 31, 2017.

Also known as:

  • 05-19-871 (USPS)
  • 49 (TRP A)
  • Cave Rock Traditional Cultural Propertv/26Do08 (Nevada
  • CrNV-03-445 (BLM)
  • Do-l (University of California Berkeley)

From Wikipedia:

De’ek wadapush

de'ek wadapush (Washo for Standing Gray Rock), also known as Cave Rock, is a stone formation on U.S. Route 50 north of Stateline, Nevada. It is a column of volcanic andesite standing about 250 feet (76 m) tall. US 50 passes under the rock through the Cave Rock Tunnel. The formation is considered sacred by the local Washoe people, and is the subject of a conflict between them and rock climbers, with whom it is a popular climbing site.

The formation was designated a Traditional Cultural Property and listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2017.

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