Masonic Temple (NRIS 100001227)

Address: 1100 Henderson St., Fort Worth, Texas. County/parish: Tarrant.

Added to the National Register of Historic Places June 19, 2017.

From Wikipedia:

Fort Worth Masonic Temple
The Fort Worth Masonic Temple is a Masonic Temple located at 1100 Henderson St, Fort Worth, Texas. Completed in 1932, the building was designed by the architectural firm of Wiley G. Clarkson & Co, who also designed the Stripling Building, US Court House, Sinclair Building, and STS Tower in Fort Worth. The building exhibits Neo-classical styling with Art moderne influences and features upper-story Ionic columns and monel alloy bas-relief doors. It features two grand staircases at the main entrance which leads to a terrace. The main doors depict the three Ancient Grand Masters of Masonic legend, King Solomon, Hiram, King of Tyre, and Hiram Abif. The building still retains its Civil Defense Fallout Shelter sign which was placed there during the height of World War II. The building became a recorded Texas historical landmark in 1984. The Fort Worth Architecture website lists the structure as architecturally significant buildings in Downtown Fort Worth, and is included on their recommended walking tour of architecture of Fort Worth.Several historical artifacts are housed within its walls, including a bell cast in London, England in 1782 which is believed to be one of the oldest historical artifacts in Fort Worth. The bell was brought to Fort Worth originally by Lawrence Steele and used as a dinner bell for the Hotel Steele. It was then used as a tolling bell for the First Ward School, the first elementary school building in Fort Worth.Masonic bodies have existed within the city of Fort Worth since April 1854 when Fort Worth Masonic Lodge #148 was founded. These bodies desired a central meeting location within the city of Fort Worth, so several men led by William Stevenson Cooke selected a four-block square parcel of land which was purchased in 1923. The building was dedicated to WS Cooke's memory upon his passing in 1951. Since its construction, there have been very few changes to the building. The building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2017. (read more...)


  • Clarkson, W. G. and Co.
  • Doss, C. J.
  • Friedman, Harry B.
  • Heerwagen, Paul M. and Margaret

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