Fort Assinniboine (Boundary Increase)

Star Rte 36, Box 43, Havre, Montana. County/parish: Hill.

NRIS 100002250

Added to the National Register of Historic Places April 02, 2018.

Also known as:

  • 24HL0329
  • Agricultural Experiment Station
  • Fort Assinaboine
  • Fort Assiniboine
  • Northern Agricultural Research Center
  • North Montana Branch Station

From Wikipedia:

Fort Assinniboine

Fort Assinniboine was a United States Army fort located in present-day north central Montana (historically within the military Department of Dakota). It was built in 1879 and operated by the Army through 1911. The 10th Cavalry Buffalo Soldiers, made up of African-American soldiers, were among the units making up the garrison at the fort. Determining that this fort was no longer needed after the end of the Indian Wars, the US Army closed and abandoned it.

In 1916 Congress authorized a reservation for the Rocky Boy's Band of Chippewa, who were landless. It became known as Rocky Boy's Indian Reservation, named after the chief who had sought the reservation. A portion of the fort was ceded in 1916 for use as a reservation; the land extended in both Hill and Chouteau counties. This was intended for landless Chippewa who had been pushed west out of their traditional territory. In the event, landless Cree and Metis, refugees from Canada, also settled at the reservation.

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  • Broadwater, Col C. A.
  • Devlin, L. K.
  • Lee, Col J. G. C.
  • M├ętis, and civilian employees
  • United States Army

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