CHOCTAW (shipwreck) (NRIS 100003214)

Address: Address Restricted, Presque Isle Township Vicinity, Michigan. County/parish: Presque Isle.

Added to the National Register of Historic Places December 10, 2018.

From Wikipedia:

SS Choctaw
SS Choctaw was a semi-whaleback freighter built by the Cleveland Shipbuilding Company in 1892. She was a monitor vessel that was designed to evade Alexander McDougall's patent on the whaleback vessel design. She sank on July 11, 1915, on Lake Huron after a collision with the Canadian package freighter Wahcondah. For more than 100 years the location of Choctaw's wreck remained unknown until she was discovered perfectly preserved and on her side on May 23, 2017, in about 300 feet (90m) of water. (read more...)

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