Woodlawn School

745 Woodlawn Rd., Woodlawn, Virginia. County/parish: Carroll.

NRIS 100003322

Added to the National Register of Historic Places January 17, 2019.

Also known as:

  • VDHR No. 017-5160
  • Woodlawn High School
  • Woodlawn Intermediate School

From Wikipedia:

Woodlawn High School (Woodlawn, Virginia)

Woodlawn High School, later known as Woodlawn School, was a public secondary school located in Carroll County, Virginia, at Woodlawn, Virginia. The school served students in all grades, one through twelve, for much of its history. The last academic year as a high school was 1968-1969. One hundred and four seniors graduated in the final class of 1969. The following year all tenth, eleventh and twelfth grade students became part of the new Carroll County High School (Virginia). After 136 years of service the Carroll County School Board voted to close the school in 2013.

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  • Barger Construction Company
  • Davis, J. E. and Sons, Inc.
  • Hinnant, Addison, and Hinnant
  • Huggins, H. H.
  • Smithey and Boynton
  • Trinkle and Dobyns
  • Virginia Board of Education, Division of School Buildings
  • WPA

National Park Service documentation: https://npgallery.nps.gov/AssetDetail/NRIS/100003322