Butters--Avery House (NRIS 10000413)

Address: 165 Chestnut St, Wilmington, MA. County/parish: Middlesex.

1 contributing building.

Added to the National Register of Historic Places July 06, 2010.

Part of First Period Buildings of Eastern Massachusetts TR (NRIS 64000281).

From Wikipedia:

Butters-Avery House
The Butters-Avery House is a historic First Period house at 165 Chestnut Street in Wilmington, Massachusetts. It is a two story three bay timber frame house with an integral rear leanto section. When it was built, c. 1720, it sat on a tract of some 100 acres (40 ha) (originally granted to William Butters c. 1665) which remained intact until subdivided for housing in the 20th century. Analysis of its framing suggests that there was probably once a large chimney in the right-hand bay, although there is also some evidence that the house might have been larger, presumably the five bay width of typical colonial houses. (read more...)

Architectural styles:

  • Colonial
  • Greek Revival