North Geneva Historic District (Boundary Decrease and Additional Documentation) (NRIS 16000898)

Address: 100-200 N. River Ln., Geneva, Illinois. County/parish: Kane.

Added to the National Register of Historic Places July 10, 2017.

From Wikipedia:

North Geneva Historic District
The North Geneva Historic District is a set of 161 buildings and structures in Geneva, Illinois. Of those, 150 contribute to the district's historical integrity. The district was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1979, and was slightly enlarged in 2017. (read more...)


  • Alexander, Julius
  • Bixby, Lyman
  • Buck, Steven
  • Burman, William
  • Chambers, John
  • Clark, Samuel Nye
  • Conant, William
  • Eck, Nelson
  • Humphrey, Dr. Wesley
  • Pierson, Oscar
  • Rogers, John
  • Schmodlt, John
  • Spalding, Noah B.
  • Stevens, L. M.
  • Sunleaf, Charles
  • Swanson, Nels
  • Watson, G. W.
  • Westgarth, George
  • West, William B.
  • Wheeler, John
  • Wilson Brothers

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