Southern Pacific Railroad: Ogden-Lucin Cut-Off Trestle

30 mi. W of Ogden at N arm of Great Salt Lake, Ogden, Utah. County/parish: Box Elder.

NRIS 72001257

Removed from the National Register of Historic Places October 23, 2018.

From Wikipedia:

Lucin Cutoff

The Lucin Cutoff is a 102-mile (164 km) railroad line in Utah which runs from Ogden to its namesake in Lucin. The most prominent feature of the cutoff was a 12-mile (19 km) long railroad trestle crossing the Great Salt Lake, in use from 1904 until the late 1950s, and since replaced by a rock and dirt causeway. The cutoff was originally built by the Southern Pacific Railroad as a means of shortening the First Transcontinental Railroad. Today the cutoff is owned and operated by the Union Pacific Railroad as a significant part of the Lakeside Subdivision, which runs from Ogden to Wells, Nevada, and is one of the many subdivisions of the Overland Route. Due to the obstruction of waterflow caused by the Lucin Cutoff, the Great Salt Lake appears to be different colors in aerial photographs; water north of the Cutoff appears brown, while water south of the Cutoff is more green.

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  • Hood, William

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