Mathews County Courthouse Square (NRIS 77001491)

Address: VA 611, Mathews, Virginia. County/parish: Mathews.

7 contributing buildings. 1 contributing site. 2 contributing objects.

Added to the National Register of Historic Places August 18, 1977.

Also known as:

  • Archaeological Site # 44MT0073
  • VDHR # 057-0022

From Wikipedia:

Mathews County Courthouse Square
Mathews County Courthouse Square is a national historic district located at Mathews, Mathews County, Virginia. It encompasses seven contributing buildings, one contributing site, two contributing structures, and 2 contributing objects on Courthouse Square. The courthouse is a T-shaped, Federal style brick building constructed in 1792-1795. Associated with the courthouse are the clerks office (1859), the former jail and later sheriffs office, "Old Jail," and Mathews County Library (1930). Several monuments occupy the square, notably the Confederate monument, the 1928 Fort Cricket Hill monument, and a World War I cannon.It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1977. (read more...)


  • Billups, Richard
  • Brown, William H.

Architectural styles:

  • Federal
  • Late 19Th And 20Th Century Revivals

National Park Service documentation: