St. Mark's Episcopal Chapel (NRIS 79001272)

Address: Off MN 24, Annandale, MN. County/parish: Wright.

1 contributing building.

Added to the National Register of Historic Places December 11, 1979.

Part of Wright County MRA (NRIS 64000387).

From Wikipedia:

St. Mark's Episcopal Chapel
St. Mark's Episcopal Chapel is a small Gothic revival chapel in Wright County, Minnesota near Annandale. Octavius Longworth and the Reverend David Buel Knickerbacker had both been members of St. Mark's Church in Brooklyn, New York. Longworth moved to Wright County, Minnesota in 1859, while Knickerbacker had moved to Minneapolis in 1856 and had become rector of Gethsemane Episcopal Church. Knickerbacker occasionally visited Longworth's house to conduct services. The two decided to establish a church in Wright County, so Longworth donated the land and built the structure. Construction started in 1871 and finished the following year, at which time Bishop Henry Whipple dedicated the building. Fifteen years later, Bishop Whipple returned to consecrate the building. (read more...)


  • Longworth, Octavius

Architectural styles:

  • Gothic