Elrod Bridge

Spans Spoon River SE of Smithfield, Smithfield, Illinois. County/parish: Fulton.

NRIS 80001362

Removed from the National Register of Historic Places December 08, 1995.

Part of Metal Highway Bridges of Fulton County TR (NRIS 64000179).

From Wikipedia:

Elrod Bridge

Elrod Bridge was one of nine metal highway bridges in Fulton County, Illinois once listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It was listed from 1980 until 1995.

Elrod was one of the six bridges that have been demolished out of nine similar bridges in the county. This particular one was over the Spoon River near Smithfield, Illinois, on Township Road 248 in Bernadotte Township. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places on October 29, 1980, along with the eight other bridges, as one of the "Metal Highway Bridges of Fulton County". The bridge was one of four near Smithfield listed on the Register, the others are the Buckeye Bridge, the Bernadotte Bridge and the Tartar's Ferry Bridge. Others, such as the Babylon Bend Bridge in Ellisville, are located throughout the county.

The Elrod Bridge was removed from the Register in 1995 after its destruction by an F-4 tornado.

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National Park Service documentation: https://npgallery.nps.gov/AssetDetail/NRIS/80001362