Knickerbocker and Arnink Garages

72--74 Hudson St., Albany, New York. County/parish: Albany.

NRIS 80002580

2 contributing buildings.

Removed from the National Register of Historic Places May 30, 1989.

From Wikipedia:

Knickerbocker and Arnink Garages

The Knickerbocker and Arnink Garages were two attached stone buildings located on Hudson Avenue in central Albany, New York, United States. Both were built in the early 20th century; the Knickerbocker garage was added to the Arnink garage 12 years after it was built. In 1980 they were listed on the National Register of Historic Places; nine years later they were both demolished and delisted.

At the time, many garages were adapted from stables or carriage houses. The first to be built, the smaller, was instead adapted from an existing commercial building by the owner of a successful Ford dealership in the city for his car-rental and repair service. His superintendent later bought the business from him and had the larger one built in the same style by the same architect.

They were among the earliest structures in Albany built specifically in response to the increasing use of the automobile at that time. Their neo-Gothic cast stone facades are an unusual choice of style and material for that time. They may have been inspired by the nearby Delaware and Hudson Railroad office building, a contemporary catalyst for the redevelopment of downtown that is today the system administration building for the State University of New York.

One was later converted into a warehouse and used for that purpose until its demolition. That came about as part of a plan for two large office towers proposed for the neighborhood as redevelopment. Nothing has been built on the space since; it is used as part of a parking lot that serves another nearby redevelopment project, the Times Union Center.

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  • Montross, J. Walter

Architectural styles:

  • Late Gothic Revival

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