Bozeman Brewery Historic District

700--800 N. Wallace Ave., Bozeman, Montana. County/parish: Gallatin.

NRIS 87001844

5 contributing buildings.

Added to the National Register of Historic Places October 23, 1987.

Part of Bozeman MRA (NRIS 64000424).

From Wikipedia:

Bozeman Brewery Historic District

The Bozeman Brewery Historic District, located in Bozeman, Montana, at 700–800 N. Wallace Avenue, consists of five structures, all still closely connected to the Julius Lehrkind family and their Bozeman Brewery business. Lehrkind and his brother, Fred, were brewers who immigrated to America from Germany. Lehrkind and his extended family eventually settled in Bozeman, and the family continues to operate businesses in the Bozeman area. The five structures in this historic district are:

  1. the remains of the four-story brick brewery (1895)
  2. the Julius Lehrkind Mansion in Queen Anne style architecture (1897)
  3. the home of nephew Henry Lehrkind in clapboard style (c. 1908)
  4. the home of son Edwin Lehrkind in bungalow style (1912)
  5. a one-story brick bottling plant (1925)

The three homes are in one compound at the southern end of the historic district. The two industrial structures, at the northern end, are located across the street from one another. The Julius Lehrkind Mansion is listed as the primary structure and the other four as contributing structures.

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  • Unknown

Architectural styles:

  • Bungalow/Craftsman
  • Queen Anne

National Park Service documentation: