Bryn Arvon and Gwyn Arvon (NRIS 90002111)

Address: VA 675, Arvonia, VA. County/parish: Buckingham.

6 contributing buildings. 1 contributing site. 2 contributing objects.

Added to the National Register of Historic Places January 03, 1991.

From Wikipedia:

Bryn Arvon and Gwyn Arvon
Bryn Arvon and Gwyn Arvon are two historic homes located at Arvonia, Buckingham County, Virginia. They were built about 1891-1892, and are two slate-covered Queen Anne style dwellings. Also on the property are a contributing garage, water tower, barn, two entrance piers, the site of a house foundation, a pump house, and a storage building. (read more...)


  • Unknown

Architectural styles:

  • Queen Anne