Mother Jones' Prison

305 Center St., Pratt, West Virginia. County/parish: Kanawha.

NRIS 92001876

Removed from the National Register of Historic Places September 22, 1997.

From Wikipedia:

Mother Jones' Prison

Mother Jones' Prison, also known as Mrs. Carney's Boarding House, was located at Pratt, Kanawha County, West Virginia. It was a large two-story structure constructed by the Willis Brothers and used mostly as a boarding house. It was the "prison" in which labor organizer and agitator Mary Harris "Mother" Jones was detained during the 1912–1913 mine wars.

The building was a National Historic Landmark. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1992. It was delisted in 1997, after demolition in 1996.

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  • Willis Brothers

Architectural styles:

  • No Style Listed

Significant persons associated with this site:

  • Jones, Mary "Mother" Harris

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